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About Courtney Edwardson

I have always had a fondness for animals. I have worked at a vet clinic and a humane society further solidifying my love for them. One day I was asked if I would be able to watch a family friend's animals and home while they were away. I really enjoyed being able to spend quality time with the fur babies while they were able to stay in the comfort of their home. I was referred to others and I found there is a need for an in-home pet sitter and have decided to offer my services to others.

About Jersey Andrews

Hi I’m Jersey! I have had fur babies my whole life! The highlight of my fur baby journey is when I fostered four furry kittens, I then gained the status of foster fail and added another member to my family! My parents have always had animals and I am always eager to pet sit for them when they are out of town. My goal is to have a pet pig one day because who doesn’t want a cute pig to keep them company!

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